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Where can i copy trade.
Copy Trading is a new innovation to copy the trades of experienced traders in your demat accounts by using APIs.image Copy Trading is used to automate your trading by copying the trade of other traders. Copying is a trading tactic to connect a part of portfolios with the portfolios of master traders to copy every trade and transaction. Generally, copying trader opens a personal account and connect it with master trader or with anybody whom you believe and automatically every action of master trader will replicate in your personal account. Copy trading will allow you to receive automated signal from a signal provider and copy them into your account while you are sleeping, eating, walking or working. Every strategy, every trading action such as opening a position, assigning stop loss, closing a position, taking profit orders etc. will automatically execute in your copying account.
This technique is very beneficial for the newbies or traders who are not that much confident to place a trade in the stock market. It is one of the best ways to learn how to trade in the share market by watching the action of expert trader. With the help of this feature, you can enhance your trading experience. You can use copy trading feature in trading in almost every market such as stocks, forex etc. Copy Trading is also known as the advanced version of Social Trading.
Copy trading is a new type of investment portfolio developed from algorithmic trading in which two types of account are involved in it. One account will be master account who will take trading decisions and other account(s) will be considered as child account who will follow all the decisions taken by admin account. Both the account must be on a copy trading platform that provides copying services. You can choose your strategy manager as same trading signals and actions will get copied from the master account to other demat account. If you are an expert trader and want to send same trading signals to many other demat account then with the help of copy trading facility, you can do the same transactions in many other accounts.
‘ComBiz Services Pvt Ltd’ is a well-known IT company. The company offers algo trading tools and crypto copy trading strategy software required for the trading in different financial segments of the stock market. ‘ComBiz Services Pvt Ltd’ is one of the best copy trading service providers in India. Trading can be done manually or with the help of automated trading facility provided by ‘ComBiz Services Pvt Ltd’ in which you will receive trading signals so that you can place a trade and every type of trade such as open position, close position etc. will automatically get copied to the linked copying account. ‘ComBiz Services Pvt Ltd’ allows you to link a wide range of broker accounts with the master and child account through APIs.
‘ComBiz Services Pvt Ltd’ is the popular copy trading service provider in India. We offer you copy trading facility to trade in NSE, BSE and MCX. You must have a demat account with any broker such as Alice Blue, Zerodha, Angel Broking etc. If you don’t have any demat account then you need to contact us, we are available 24/7 to open your demat account with your favourite broker. is partnered with almost every broker of the Indian Brokerage Industry. Now, after opening a demat account to copy your trading actions into other demat account.
Copy Trading is an opportunity for new traders or beginners to understand the market trend and how to react on those market conditions. Any trader can copy trade on various segments including stocks, commodities, copy trading crypto exchange currency, foreign exchange etc. You can earn while sleeping, eating or copy trade cryptocurrency doing any other work as someone else will monitor your trades. Copy trading allows you to diversify your portfolio so that you can earn money from the various different market. Copy trading is an easy way to exchange ideas and strategies to bring an unmatched trading experience. You can copy trades to multiple Indian brokers at a time via API.image

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